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How to Use Sendspace


Get Started with Sendspace

  1. Register with Sendspace.
    • Sign up to use Sendspace services at its website. Enter your name, username, email, password and primary reason for using Sendspace. Registration is not required, but it is recommend in order to take advantage of all features.
  2. Wait for the registration link.Check your email for a message from Sendspace that includes an activation link.
  3. Click on the link to confirm and complete your registration.
  4. Log in to Sendspace to begin your file transfers or to retrieve links sent by others.

Learn Some Sendspace Basics

  1. Retrieve an uploaded file.
    • Click on the download link that appears on your Sendspace page. Be sure that you have not reached your daily file download limit. Because of high traffic, Sendspace users are allowed to download no more than 1 to 4 gigabytes per day, depending on the version of the program.
    • Choose to open the file or save it on your computer when prompted. Wait for the file to open, or locate the file folder on your computer where you saved the download.
  2. Visit the Sendspace download page.At the Sendspace download page, view information about the downloaded file, downloading and uploading tips and account statistics.
    • If you receive a download page that features a password-protected file, you will be prompted to enter the password in a separate window before downloading. Make sure that the uploader of the file sends you the correct password. Also, Sendspace recommends contacting the uploader if you have trouble opening the file.

Manage Sendspace Files

  1. Follow the Mysendspace link at the top-left corner of the website.
    • This gives you access to your homepage once you log in the Sendspace. From there you can view downloaded and uploaded files, disk space availability and even the number of people you’ve invited to join Sendspace.
  2. Access the MyFiles tab with Mysendspace.
    • This function allows you to edit file details, create file folders and retrieve broken or lost links.

Create a Folder for Storing Sendspace Files

  1. Start a New File Folder.
    • Select the drop-down box within Mysendspace that reads New Folder. Enter a name for your folder, and then hit the Create button. Sendspace alerts you when your new folder has been created.
  2. Open a File Folder to Search for Files.Choose the Select Folder drop-down box to open a specific folder. View the amount of downloaded and uploaded files that you have saved.
  3. Sort Sendspace File Folders.
    • Choose sorting options such as ascending or descending file name; ascending or descending file size; uploading date ascending; and uploading date descending. Pick Update after you sort the folders, or Cancel if you change your mind.

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Unanswered Questions
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  • How can I connect a send space account to a targets phone remotely?
  • How do I control the bandwidth on my Sendspace account?
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How to Use Sendspace
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How to Use Sendspace photo
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picture How to Use Sendspace

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Watch How to Use Sendspace video

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